To Dr. Drouin and Dr. Miller and of course all the staff, techs and girls at the front desk (and the other Dr.s there to I have seen as well) : We have been with you for a very long time and you have cared for my babies (cats) over the years. I want to thank you all for all your care!

Recently, my Murph had a scare and he is doing fine. He’s doing really good actually. He’s peeing in the litter box and it’s a good stream!! Upon picking him up Friday night and bringing him home, I have never seen him so loopy (stoned) before in my life. It was quite funny.  I gave him his last pill for the muscle relaxer this morning. Thought I’d share some pics from Friday night when I brought him home. And the last two are from Sunday, he was happy and belly up on the carpet. LOL!!

Thank you so much and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe!!

Diane, Murphy, Willy, Blue and Mac
(From November 24, 2020)


Dr. Hines has been a part of all of my 5 dogs lives for over 20 years. The thing I do is adopt older dogs from Lollypop Farm, which comes some challenges.

One of my dog’s needed insulin shots 2 times per day, another needed medicine for seizure disorder (who lived to 17 years old). Now my 10 year old Pomeranian needs medicine. Everyone was helpful to mail me Shiloh’s medicine.

Dr. Hines was always available to talk with about symptoms or medicine adjustment and provide condolences when my babies went to heaven.

I can not thank Dr. Hines enough on how above and beyond he goes to help my little fur babies.

No matter when I move to, I will always continue to go to Walworth Animal Hospital as they are the greatest.


The care our dog receives from Dr. Miller and the staff at Walworth Animal Hospital is amazing. Our 6 year old Lucy, suddenly became very sick and her health progressively declined. Lucy stopped eating and lost 20 lbs. over a three month period, her blood work was off the charts, when Dr. Miller took Lucy under her wing. Dr. Miller was “all in” and determined to save our Lucy who was often on the edge of not making it. Dr. Miller was committed to providing the best care for Lucy, did research, spent a lot of time with us during our visits and went above and beyond our expectations. Dr. Miller is always honest, realistic and compassionate in her care. Lucy is on several medications now, but doing well. With all of the care and hospitalizations Lucy has experienced at WAH, Lucy loves to visit her vet now and gets excited when we pull into the parking lot. She cannot wait to get inside and see all her friends. We will be forever grateful to Walworth Animal Hospital and Dr. Miller for the excellent care our beloved Lucy has and continues to receive.

~Sonja and Rob

The folks at the Walworth Animal Hospital have been great to us and our pets from the day 1 that we started visiting them for our pets’ health care.

Today we lost Cassie, the last of our 3 cats. She fought a courageous battle against the cancer that she was diagnosed with this past January. She has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge to meet up with Snicker and Carmella. We’ve lost all three of our children over the past 8 months.

~Mr and Mrs. Amarando

One of the most important and wonderful services Walworth Animal Hospital offers is pet boarding. I’ve boarded my schnauzer Missy many times at WAH, and every boarding experience has been terrific. The services are very organized, super-reliable, highly flexible, and reasonably priced.
Recently, I boarded Missy for five days because of unexpected surgeries I had to have. Missy is diabetic and on a strict diet and insulin regimen. Because WAH also offers medical boarding, I had peace of mind that Missy would be meticulously taken care of. I can’t describe how reassuring this was and how it completely took away any worry I had about Missy while I was unable to care for her.

I frankly don’t know what I would have done without WAH’s boarding services. WAH treats you like family and treats your pet like family. It’s a unique, world-class vet practice. That’s why I continue to drive by several other closer animal hospitals to get to WAH. Thank you, WAH! You’re the best!

~Mary Infantino

We have taken our dogs to WAH for over 10 years. Dr Hines is an amazing vet and a wonderful person. He is super personable, very compassionate, and it is obvious that he loves the animals he works with. There isn’t a better Vet around!!! Thank you Dr Hines for all you do!!


My wife and I have used Walworth Animal Hospital for the last 15 years. We have dealt with 4 of the 5 vets. Every time has been positive. We recently had to put our 11 year old Boston down due to a tumor. This was completely out of the blue and very unexpected. Dr. Miller gave it to my wife and I straight, and let us know our options. She was professional, but also extremely compassionate. It made the entire ordeal a little less painful. I really can’t thank her or the practice itself enough for how it was handled. We still have 1 dog, and we will be getting another, and we will keep going to Walworth Animal Hospital.

~The W family

Dr. Hines, Carmella’s doctor called us today, talked with us, answered some questions, and put closure to Carmella’s passing last Friday, 8-10-2018. He is a fantastic person, offering his most sincere condolences. Thank you Dr. Hines for keeping Carmella with us for as long as she could endure.

~Patric & Cindy

We live an extremely active lifestyle and our springers do it all with us: canoeing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, you name it. This means they need a ton of preventative care to make sure they are in the best of health. Not only does WAH go above and beyond with Milo and Daisy, Dr. Campbell even paid us a house visit years ago when we had to say goodbye to Mugsy. They are all caring and kind professionals. After 23 years with them, we wouldn’t go anywhere else.

~The Kerr Krew Dec 2017

WAH has been my vet for many years. I’ll never go anywhere else even though there are five other vets closer to my home. The care my schnauzers have received from WAH has always been the very best and most compassionate I’ve ever experienced.

The most recent example is my Missy’s diabetes diagnosis. Dr. Campbell discovered the diabetes and immediately took all the steps needed to manage it successfully.

I had zero experience with dog diabetes. Yet, because of the terrific education given me by Dr. Campbell, Dr. Drouin, Jenna, and Natalie, I gained the confidence to immediately give Missy the insulin shots, diet, and other care she needed to stay healthy.

I especially appreciated the time and care Dr. Campbell and the techs gave over a period of weeks to determining the absolute best insulin dosage for Missy, testing and checking meticulously again and again until the right dosage was reached. This carefulness was very reassuring.

WAH also offers the special prescription food Missy needs for her diabetes. I can buy it and pick and up at WAH, or get it from WAH’s online ordering system which delivers it to my front door. How convenient is this?!

Thank you, WAH for giving Missy such superb diabetes care and for giving me the help I needed to know how to best support Missy. You have saved my beloved Missy’s life, and she’s happy and healthy once again thanks to you!

~Mary Infantino
Nov 2017

We have been coming to Walworth Animal Hospital for almost 10 years. When we moved to the area we tried out a few places but continued searching. A neighbor recommended Walworth and the rest is history. Come to find out, our entire Penfield neighborhood are clients too! The doctors and staff are compassionate and knowledgeable. We like the practical, no-nonsense approach with both routine and complex matters. They take the time to get to know your family – the humans and the animals – and help develop a plan that works for you. Thank you, Walworth Animal Hospital!

Oct 2017

~Chloe Diciaccio Gracie DiCiaccioOur journey to the Walworth Animal Hospital began when I started talking to one my colleagues. He and I would discuss kid and dog stories almost daily when I soon learned his wife was a veterinarian. At the time our dog Gracie, a 10 year old Cockapoo, was favoring one of her legs. We had a vet at the time and weren’t looking to change but as I talked to TJ he suggested I email his wife and get her take. I did and couldn’t believe how thorough and compassionate she was, but what really blew-me-away was the amount of time she put into our exchanges, it really exemplified her love for animals and her profession. Needless to say we soon switched, the extra 15 minute drive seemed well worth the many many rewards. We soon found out it wasn’t just Dr. Miller, it was the entire staff from the doctors to the receptionist, they are all top notch. The staff at Walworth Hospital operated on Gracie and she was soon running around like a pup again. A couple years later Gracie became very sick and the entire staff went above and beyond not only with Gracie but with my wife and I. When the time came and we needed to put her down the entire staff truly felt our pain and were there for us. It positively helped at that difficult time. A short time later we decided we couldn’t live without a dog around and so we began our quest. Dr. Miller was again instrumental in our research, she contributed in our finding our new puppy Chloe. Just like when we brought Gracie in, the staff treats Chloe like she is a queen. We have been fortunate to be seen by all the veterinarians at Walworth Animal Hospital and their dedication and compassion is impressive. The road to Walworth animal hospital was unusual, the drive is a bit longer, but the peace of mind is certainly worth it… we wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

Frank and Marie DiCiaccio

BeckettI take both my boys, Bentley (right) and Charlie (left) to Walworth Animal Hospital and they truly are the best! From the receptionists to the doctors, they just make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Bentley gets extremely upset when we go in for check ups, but Dr. Drouin’s ability to handle him in such a calm manner is just remarkable!

Their ability to get us in last minute when one is not feeling well is also so accommodating and appreciated!

Rebecca Beckett

Even though we live in Irondequoit and it is a 45 minute drive each way, my wife and I bring our cats to Walworth Animal Hospital. The excellent care and personal attention we receive are well worth the drive… even with a cat that gets car sick!

Paul Grahman
Irondequoit, NY

DevosWalworth Animal Hospital has been our vet for 20+ years. The compassion and understanding that comes from ALL of the Doctors is priceless!!  Doctors that will stay with you until all of your questions are answered…Doctors that feel your pain and cry with you…Doctors, technicians and office staff who genuinely care about you and your pet. Walworth Animal Hospital doesn’t treat you like a patient, they treat you like Family!!

Jen DeVos

Moving to the Rochester area from out of state brought with it the enormously stressful task of finding a competent, compassionate, cordial vet hospital. My furries are my family and moving to New York meant leaving an extraordinary veterinary practice that took care of my furry family for more than 25 years.

Walworth Animal Hospital EXCEEDS my criteria… competent, compassionate, and cordial. The staff welcomes me warmly both on the phone and when checking in and out at the front desk. The techs that assist the veterinarians are kind, sensitive, and caring as they interact with my furry family. Over the last 15 months, my furries have had wellness visits, sick visits, and emergency visits to Walworth Animal Hospital. At different times my furries have seen each of the veterinarians. The vets are competent diagnosticians, patient in answering my many questions, and gentle and caring in  the interaction with my furries. The vets follow up with phone calls to make certain that my sick pet is on the road to recovery.

In every way, the vets convey that they care about the welfare of my furries. Recently, my elderly pet was ready for his final journey to the rainbow bridge, in those moments and after, my pet could not have experienced more loving care. In 62 years that I have had a furry family, NO veterinary practice has provided better care than that provided at Walworth. I consider my furry family fortunate to be loved and cared for by the vets, techs, and staff of Walworth Animal Hospital.

Dr. Judy Ziffer
Dandy Cove Newfoundlands

I have been a client of WAH for over 15 years and wouldn’t trust the care of my dogs with any other place. Have had 2 cruciate repairs done there- that dog made it to 16 years old on those knees. They saved the life of my yellow lab when he went into kidney failure after drinking tainted lake water, and they are up to date on the latest medical advances each time I bring my two dogs there now. The dogs love it there too- they get lots of love from everyone, and the free cookies sure help!

Kerri Gaffney, LVT, CERA
*Equine Bodyworks and Sports Therapy*

Excellent care from compassionate vets and staff.

Adryann Strauss

Dr. Campbell changed our and our dog’s life. Indaba is an eight-year old Bichon who consistently whined and panted. Because she is motivated by food, we thought she was hungry and fed her. In a routine check-up, Dr. Campbell discovered seven decayed teeth that needed to be pulled. The transformation was amazing. Not only did the annoying behavior cease, but Indaba had more energy and was more social. Dr. Campbell also counseled us on how to maintain healthy teeth in our dogs and reassured us that we were not neglectful owners.

Dr. Campbell has a unique “bed-side manner” with both the animal and the owner. She seamlessly adjusts her language from talking to the patient to communicating with the owner. Her perceptive understanding of which words to use (technical or non-technical) when communicating tests, results, conditions, and symptoms are not only impressive but appreciated.

The drive to Walworth from Rochester is well worth it for the expert care and attention we receive from Dr. Campbell and the office staff.

Indie’s Family

Dr. Campbell transformed my life because unfortunately my two silly mommies didn’t know how to treat and care for a glorious Bichon like myself. For example, Dr. Campbell knew immediately that despite my friendly “tough cookie” demeanor, my teeth were rotting out of my mouth! She is not only insightful but understands the dignity and respect that Bichon of my quality and blood-line deserves. The treatment was so exceptional that I actually thought I was at a day spa and didn’t realize that I had half of my teeth extracted. In fact I suggested to Dr. Campbell that she should open a doggie spa for upwardly mobile dogs like me.

Oh, and she reserves the “special” treats under the counter for only me. Because I am just THAT wonderful.

Love, Indie the Incredible Bichon

I have been a customer since 1997, and I have never even thought about going anyplace else! Previous experiences with veterinary clinics were impersonal and expensive at best. I have received the best care possible for my pets (fur-babies) at all times, and they have worked with and helped me deal with even very difficult cases. Each vet has the ability to work with all of your pets, but they work as a team if something arises that they are not completely certain about or don’t have as much experience with. They are also very compassionate when the time comes to say goodbye, and will gently advise you on when the time is right to do so if you are uncertain. I have full faith in this practice and will always utilize them!


Hello, I have long stories of two of my beloved cats of 12 and 15 years. The stories are long and emotional for me, so I choose to be short and sweet about this vet clinic, which is the best in terms of all round care. If your animal means the world to you, then this is your place to go. They go above and beyond with their patients and owners/caregivers. (and always discuss matters with you) Do you realize what accommodation to the situation means, well here they show you. I can only wish that our own doctors and nurses could be like all this staff. We sure would be taken care of well. The staff are amazing and doctors are top notch. I have had some REALLY tough and emotional times, they have brought my cats though and myself also. The care and concern that they all have, along with actual vet work they do is ASTONISHING. That you can take to the bank.


I wanted to say thank you for the all the care and compassion I received from the staff, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Miller as I was making the tough decisions for my little miss Lexi. Unexpected but so very nice and thoughtful was a personal note from the doctor giving me a bit more comfort. They really do have a personal touch and genuinely care about their patients and owners. Thank you.

Maureen G.

We have two Bostons, both were saved by the kind, caring vets at Walworth animal hospital. In both cases, we were told from other vets to expect the worse. Both dogs are healthy and happy and are seniors living a full life thanks to the continuous care from the 4 vets and the staff and Walworth.

Steve and Karen W.

There are five veterinary practices near my home. Instead I drive out to Walworth Animal Hospital because it consistently provides state-of-the-art, world-class medical care; superb quality of life for my dogs; a loving atmosphere; and an outstanding client experience.
WAH’s services are exemplary. This is true for all care whether routine; preventative/maintenance; medical treatment; surgery; transition from puppy to adult to senior to end of life. And the boarding services are terrific. It’s clear that every person at WAH sincerely loves animals and is genuinely dedicated to providing the best care humanly possible. Because I know how knowledgeable and conscientious everyone at WAH is, I have peace of mind. To me, this is priceless!

I appreciate how Dr. Drouin, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Hines, the other vet, the techs, and office staff handle everything so professionally and thoughtfully. Their extensive knowledge and experience show in every interaction, and they always take the time to answer your questions and educate you on what you need to know to best help your pet. I truly value their supportive and reassuring manner. You can see meticulous organization and planning behind every medical and administrative service and process. WAH is client-centered care at its best.

And when it comes to the most difficult time of all–end of life services–WAH is superb. I will never never never forget the way Dr. Drouin, Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Hines helped my beloved schnauzer Molly and me through this experience. I don’t know what I would have done without their unbelievably wise and loving help.

When you love your pet and want only the best for its health, well-being, and longevity, for me there’s only one choice: Walworth Animal Hospital.

Mary Infantino.

There is a veterinarian facility just 5 minutes from where we live, but we chose these folks, a 25 minute drive is well worth the peace of mind. Our little Shih tzu/Yorkie came down with a nasty bug on Monday, lethargic with both ends working overtime. No appetite and barely drinking. She perked up a tad on Monday, ate but then went down on Monday, same scenario Monday night thru Tuesday. Wednesday, as soon as the office opened I called. Wonderful Karen set me up immediately, we were in the office by 9 a.m. Dr. Hines is typically her Doctor, and he’s absolutely wonderful, but he was enjoying his day off. Holly was introduced to Dr Luba….love her. She was considerate, kind, loving, compassionate and absolutely showed me her love for my fur baby. She calmed my nerves, explained in detail what was going on, and totally put me at ease. My Holly is spending the night for observation. Even after blood work and x-rays, Dr. Luba felt comfortable keeping her overnight just to be on the safe side. I’m so very grateful for her and her amazing staff. My baby is only 10 pounds and when she doesn’t eat or drink, has upset stomach and frequent pooping, I just feel so much better knowing that these Angels are keeping her safe and helping her get well. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart for looking after Holly and making me feel better. Bless all of you.

Lynne and Cody Salisbury and Holly too


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I have taken Sally to Walworth Animal Hospital for quite a while. My best friend dachshund received all her health care from this very compassionate team of professionals. A few years back, Sally had to have her eye removed due to infection. She did very well, with what I perceived as a very traumatic surgery. Dr. Hines explained that she would be able to compensate for the loss and lead a very normal life, which she did. On Saturday, September 17, 2016, I had to bring my best friend in to Dr. Hines to be euthanized, due to her age (16 yrs.) and an illness that she would not be able to overcome. Dr. Hines and the attending technician were very compassionate during the whole procedure, making it possible for myself to cope with the loss of my best friend Sally. I would like to thank them, from the bottom of my heart for their compassion, professionalism and clear explanation of the entire process. My best friend “Sally” has crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” and is in a better place now. Thank you Dr. Hines for being the great, understanding and compassionate human being that you are. I will forever recommend yourself and the staff at the Walworth Animal Hospital to anyone in need of care of the furry family members. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.Scott Farver Sr