Clinical Services

We offer complete medicalĀ andĀ surgical services including:

  • Annual exams, preventive health care, vaccinations, heartworm testing, control of intestinal parasites, and geriatric or “senior” screening are just a few of the ongoing health care services we provide.
  • In house diagnostic laboratory testing is available for critical patient management.
  • Specific radiographic studies (intestinal barium studies and renal evaluation) are performed, along with in house ultrasonography.
  • Rhinoscopic evaluation of nasal passages is available when serious nasal disease is present.
  • Cystoscopic exam for bladder evaluation for stones, polyps, or cancer.
  • Transtracheal washing allows us to evaluate the exact cause of coughing problems when our pets have conditions such as pneumonia or cancer.
  • Chemotherapy is available for selected cases.
  • Our highly trained licensed veterinary health technicians are skilled in dental prophylaxis.
  • We provide Health Certificates, as required for commercial airline travel.
Super Clean Exam Room
Exam Room
Skilled Surgery
Routine and Advanced Surgical Procedures
Modern Digital X-ray
Digital X-ray