We have boarding facilities for both dogs and cats. Our main canine boarding kennel is separate from our hospital kennels, with separate ventilation and air conditioning.  We provide daily walking and play time. We also have an outdoor fenced play yard.

Our feline boarding room is separate from the clinic as well, with large enclosures that provide cozy hiding spaces within. No dogs are allowed in this room, and we strive to keep the atmosphere peaceful and quiet.

We require that all our boarders be current with their vaccinations. If boarding animals are found to have fleas or other parasites, they will be treated at the client’s expense.

An advance reservation for all pet stays are required. Please call and schedule these with our receptions staff (1-315-986-1616)

We welcome you to come and visit our facility, these brief tours require an  advance appointment with one of our kennel staff.

We offer a special pick up time on Sundays for picking up your pet(s) from boarding. The time is exactly 6:30pm and this is the only time on Sunday you can pick up your pet(s). When dropping your pet off for its stay you must prepay with our front staff if you wish to utilize this pick up option.


Boarding form  Save yourself some time by bringing this completed form with you at drop-off

Rest Easy

Attending to the needs of your pet during your absence is what we do best. You can vacation or travel with complete peace of mind, knowing your pet is receiving the very best care and attention available, because at Walworth Animal Hospital, we’ll love your pet as much as you do!

Outdoor Play Area

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Private Cat Cages 

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